Numerical taxonomy of Tulipa subgenus Tulipa (Liliaceae) in Iran

Sheedai, M.; Khanafshar, S.H.; Zojajifar, S.H.

Rostaniha 7(Suppl. 2): 71-83


Phenetic studies were performed on 97 populations of 13 Tulipa species and varieties belonging to the subgenus Tulipa of Iran in order to reveal inter-population variations, inter-specific differences and relationships as well as checking taxonomic position of T. ulophylla. Statistical analyses showed that, populations differ significantly in most of the quantitative morphological characters while species differ significantly in certain characteristics, which may be used in the species delimitation. Clustering and discriminant analysis supported taxonomic treatment of the subgenus Tulipa and also inclusion of T ulophylla in the section Eichleres.