Process for treating milk by electrodialysis on cationic membranes, acid decationized milk obtained in this way and its use for producing casein and curd for cheese and whey

Rialland, J.P.; Barbier, J.P.

French Patent Application: 2,514,615,A1


According to 1 of 2 examples, in the manufacture of Cottage cheese, milk cooled to 2 degrees C is acidified and decationized by 4 successive passages through an electrodialysis plant to a pH of 3 and is mixed with ordinary milk to a mixture having a pH of 4.5. This is then coagulated by heating to 32 degrees C, the coagulum is scalded, the whey drained off, and the curd washed with water containing potassium hypochlorite and acidified to pH 5.0, and finally with chilled water (at 4 degrees C).