An analysis of some furocoumarins by polarography and paper chromatography

Orlov, Y.Y.; Dzyuba, N.P.

Farm Zh 20(2): 36-40


A method has been developed for the analysis of furan derivatives of coumarin: atamanthine, pastinacine, bergaptene, and 8-methoxypsoralen, which are used in drugs. Qualitative analysis of the drugs is done by paper chromatography using ether-formamide with the Rf and characteristic UV fluorescence as criteria. Determinations require 3-4 hours. Qualitative analysis occurs following previous qualitative polarography. The method is based on the property of the furocoumarins of undergoing reduction at the Hg dropping electrode in methanol solutions containing 5% tetra-ethylammonium iodide in 50% methanol. The determination requires 15-20 minutes. The relative error is 1-2%. Differential determination of 8-methoxypsoralen and bergaptene in the drug beroxan (which consists of the 2) is carried out polarographically on the eluate following previous separation by paper chromatography ("chromatopolarography"). This determination requires 10-11 hours. The relative error is 2.0-2.5%.