The reaction of Karakul ewes to exogenous gonadotropin during the mating season

Petrov, V.A.; Juzlikaev, R.D.

Sb. nauch. Rab. vses. Ord. Trud. krasn. Znam. nauchno-issled. Inst. Zhivot 9: 14-17


In Oct. 1966 at the State Stud Farm Zadarjinskii, 128 came on heat, of which 75 were injected with 1200 LU. PMS 15 days later, 20 with various doses (600-1400 I.U. PMS) on various days (10th-15th) of the cycle, and 33 untreated controls were inseminated. The were slaughtered 4-5 days after the onset of oestrus or 10-11 days after PMS injection if no signs of oestrus were noted. There was no appreciable difference in uterine weight or measurements between treated and controls.