Laboratory evaluation of some fungicides and antibiotics for the control of angular black spot of legumes. Field trials with some fungicides and antibiotic aureofungin in control of angular black spot of Black Gram and Green Gram

Haware, M.P.; Pavgi, M.S.

Hindustan Antibiotics Bulletin 12(1): 17-21; 22-25


In tests on resting chlamydospores of Protomycopsis patelii on Phaseolus mungo and P. radiatus and Protomycopsis thirumalacharii on Sesbania grandiflora all Cu compounds and dithiocarbamic acid derivatives caused lysis of the vesicles of germinating chlamydospores at 0.2%; HgCl2 was effective even at 0.1% and though Bordeaux (1%) permitted germination, lysis occurred in the extruded vesicles. Aureofungin and griseofulvin inhibited germination at 120 and 400 micro g/ml, respectively.