A comparison of the effects of subcutaneous and intracaudal vaccination of sexually mature cattle with Brucella abortus strain 19

Berman, D.T.; Beach, B.A.; Irwin, M.R.

American Journal of Veterinary Research 15(56): 406-411


Sexually mature cattle were vaccinated with either 5 ml. of B. abortus strain 19 subcutan.or 0.25 ml. intracaudally. Differences attributable to the mode of vaccination in the titer of agglutinins, or in the rate of their disappearance, were not apparent. There was a greater tendency for animals to retain significant titers of agglutinins if they were pregnant at the time of vaccination regardless of the method employed. The animals were exposed during the 3d pregnancy by the conjunctival route with 12 x 106 organisms of B. abortus strain 2308. Both groups of vaccinated animals were significantly more resistant than unvaccinated control cattle, but differences between the groups were not apparent.