Increasing the bioavailability of difficulty soluble drugs using griseofulvin as an example. II. Griseofulvin tablets

Gaidukova, G.P.; Gulyaev, A.E.; Ezerskii, M.L.; Kivman, G.Y. ; Munblit, V.Y. ; Trofimov, V.I.

Khimiko Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal 25(4): 65-68


In vitro experiments revealed an increase in the solubility of and solution rate of griseofulvin from tablets made from its vibration-treated mixtures containing starch (and lactose). The magnitude of their effects was, however, slightly lower than those of vibration-treated powder mixtures. In vivo experiments demonstrated that the vibration treatment-induced enhancement of griseofulvin bioavailability, which was observed for its powder mixtures with starch (and lactose), preserved for the tablets prepared from the vibration-treated mixtures. The bioavailability showed a 2-3-fold rise, depending on the procedure of tablet preparation. The simultaneous vibration-treatment of a drug substance with polymers is likely to be a rather universal tool of enhancing the bioavailability of difficulty soluble drugs.