Influence of foliar application of selenium on soyabean seed quality and on selenium level in soyabean food

Hu, Q.H.; Yang, F.M.; Pan, G.X.; Chen, L.C.

Chinese Journal of Oil Crop Sciences 23(3): 42-45


In a field experiment, soyabean Wandou 13 was sprayed with sodium selenite at 0 (I), 200 (II), 400 (III) and 600 mg/litre (IV) at the podding stage. Se content in the seed of treatments II, III and IV was 0.879, 2.390 and 3.638 micro g/g, respectively, as compared with 0.090 micro g/g for the control (I). No significant difference in seed yield existed between treatments II and III, but treatment IV resulted in selenium toxicity and yield reduction.