Effect of mineral fertilizers and irrigation on the biochemical composition of potato tubers on chestnut soil in the Trans-Baikal region

Merkusheva, M.G.; Ubugunov, L.L.

Agrokhimiya 2002(4): 17-22


Studies were made in 1987-89 on a 'powdery-carbonate' sandy-loam chestnut soil in the Ivolginsk region of the Buryat Republic (E. Siberia). Data are presented on the dry matter, starch, sugars, cellulose, fat, protein and amino acid in potatoes (variety Volzhanin) from 4 treatments: irrigated and non-irrigated plots, with and without fertilizer (N120 P60 K120 S30 Zn 5 Cu5 Co1 kg a.i./year).