A case of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) in an imported dog and a report of the occurrence of canine microfilariae in the Republic of South Africa

Verster, A.; Cilliers, W.J.; Schroeder, H.

Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 62(1): 33-34


A 5-year-old Alsatian crossbred bitch presented with abnormal behaviour 6 months after being imported to South Africa from Australia. D. immitis microfilariae (mf) were identified in blood smears. The dog was treated one month later with Ripercol-L at 10 mg/kg orally for 14 days, but mf were still present in blood smears. She was then treated with thiacetarsamide sodium, 0.22 ml/kg twice daily for 2 days by slow iv injection.