The effect of isofenphos, profenofos and triazophos on the biological control of non-target citrus pests in field trials, when used to control citrus thrips, Scirtothrips aurantii Faure

Bedford, E.C.G.; Vercueil, S.W.; Deacon, V.E.

Citrus and Subtropical Fruit Journal 63(9): 6-11


Since Aonidiella aurantii and other scales, as well as Panonychus citri, are under good biological control in citrus orchards under integrated pest management in South Africa, it is important to screen any new pesticides in citrus orchards. Isofenphos and profenofos are 2 recently introduced insecticides for the control of Scirtothrips aurantii. They were tested in the field in large-scale demonstration plots to determine their effect on the biocontrol of nontarget pests.