The effect of environmental factors on growth, development and alkaloid production of poppy (Papaver somniferum L.). IV. Interaction between water supply and temperature

Bernath, J.; Tetenyi, P.

Herba Hungarica 23(3): 53-70


Three cultivars (Kompolti M, Reading and Ankara) were grown under controlled conditions in a warm programme (day/night temperatures progressively rising over 18 weeks from 12.5/7.5 to 26.0/16.0 degrees C) or a cold programme (12.5/7.5 to 18.5/11.5 degrees ) at 40, 70 or 90% soil moisture capacity. Maximum plant mass (including capsules) was produced in the cold programme at 70% moisture capacity and in the warm programme (by 2 cultivars) at 90% moisture capacity.