Comparison between subcutaneous and conjunctival route of vaccination with Rev. 1 strain against Brucella melitensis infection in ewes

Fensterbank, R.; Pardon, P.; Marly, J.

Annals of Veterinary Research 13(4): 295-301


In a lot of 60 ewes the potency of vaccination with B. melitensis Rev. 1 by the conjunctival route, with 1.4 X 108 Rev. 1 repeated at 6 months with 2.9 X 108, was compared with that of normal subcutaneous vaccination with 1.4 or 2.7 X 109 Rev. 1. Agglutination, CF, and rose bengal tests were performed at intervals between vaccination and final slaughter; clinical and bacteriological results were compared in each of the vaccinated groups and unvaccinated controls.