The effect of alternating fumigation with carbon bisulphide and hydrogen phosphide on the viability of seed of certain crops

Mahdi, M.T.; Sheltawy, E.M.; Kamel, A.H.; Fam, E.Z.

Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt, Economic Series (8): 81-83


Laboratory tests in Egypt showed that alternate fumigation with the insecticides carbon bisulphide at a rate of 200g/m3 for 24 h and Phostoxin tablets (which release phosphine) at 2 tablets/m3 for 72h had little effect on the germination of seeds of the wheat variety Giza 155, the barley variety Giza 117, the sorghum variety Giza 114, the maize varieties Early American, Hybrid 186 and Hybrid 17 and field beans.