Specific prevention and treatment of Escherichia coli diarrhoea in newborn calves

Salajka, E.; Ulmann, L.; Sarmanova, Z.; Hornich, M.

Veterinarni Medicina 20(10/11): 659-670


A formolized vaccine, prepared from the six E. coli serotypes most frequently associated with calf diarrhoea in Czechoslovakia (O9:K32, O9:K?(2337), O9:K?(3935), O101:K28, O101:K30, O8+0141:K?(3381)) and containing Al(OH)3 adjuvant, was given in three s/c injections at 14-day intervals into the dewlap of pregnant cows and heifers from 14 herds in which E. coli diarrhoea frequently occurred in the calves.