Quality of the progeny from different types of mating in Karakul sheep

Akhmetov, S.A.; Bermagambetov, I.A.

Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki Kazakhstana 20(8): 59-60, 116


In a 2-yr study involving 700 ewes in 2 flocks, males and females with Persian and Broadtail coat types were mated in all possible combinations. Among the progeny of Persian ram X Persian ewe matings, the percentage of lambs with a coat of the same type as the sire was 63.6 v 59.9 for the progeny of Broadtail X Broadtail matings. Corresponding percentages for Persian X Broadtail and Broadtail X Persian matings were 47.1 and 37.8 for one flock and 51.8 and 42.0 for the other.