Practical experience with Hypnodil (metomidate)-Stresnil (azaperone) as combined anaesthetics in pigs

Werner-Tutschku, V.; Ganster, E.

Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift 62(12): 452-456


Tests on 905 pigs led to the following recommendations: for young pigs, 0.3 ml Stresnil (azaperone) plus 1 ml Hypnodil (metomidate) per 10 kg body weight i/v, or 0.5 ml azaperone plus 2 ml metomidate per 10 kg intra-abdominally; for boars, 0.4 ml azaperone plus 1.3 ml metomidate per 20 kg i/v, or 1 ml azaperone per 20 kg followed after 10-15 minutes by 1 ml metomidate per 20 kg i/v; for sows, 0.2 ml azaperone plus 1 ml metomidate per 20 kg i/v.