Effect of different duration of housing in a tie-up cow-shed and in a loose-housing system on milk production

Kovalcik, K.; Hudak, J.; Szabova, G.

Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Zivocisnej Vyroby v Nitre 10: 51-60


4 groups (i)-(iv) of Slovakian Pied cows of various ages (33, 32, 33 and 30/group), in loose-housing, were transferred to a tie-up cowshed for one of the following periods: (i) 2 wk before calving + 2 wk after calving; (ii) 2 wk before calving + 3 months after calving; (iii) 1 month before calving + 2 months after calving; (iv) the dry period + 3 months after calving. A control group of 33 cows was permanently housed in a tie-up cowshed.