Anthelmintic effect of a new salt of levamisole, levamisole phosphate, compared with levamisole hydrochloride

Billaudots, A.; Ortiz, E.; de Goycoechea, C.; de Sylvester, V.B.

Gaceta Veterinaria 37(298): 188-199


Two lots of cattle were used in trials : 30 weaned steer calves, and 45 steers about one year old; they were all kept on the same pasture throughout. Each lot was divided into three groups : A) injected with levamisole hydrochloride s/c at 3.7 mg/kg, B) with the phosphate at 8 mg/kg, and C) controls. Group A) of each lot made higher daily and total weight gains at 30 and 60 days than B), and both were much higher than C).